Healing Spot Treatment

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Healing Spot Treatment

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The Healing Spot Treatment is infused with medicinal oils like Tamanu and Black Seed and is formulated to treat any active blemishes or acne present on the skin.  It soothes, it calms and aids the skin in healing and repairing.


I never enjoyed spot treatments that dried out my skin and made the area I was treating more aggravated, dry or scabby.  When formulating the Healing Spot Treatment I intentionally added medicinal oils that would treat the skin, not compromise it's natural healing process and aid in the repair of the skin as well.

I prefer using the Healing Spot Treatment directly on areas that need extra attention and healing; red, dry or itchy spots on the skin and even bug bites.


  • Tamnau Oil has been used medicinally for centuries by various Asian, African, and Pacific Island cultures for wound healing.  Studies have shown that Tamanu Oil has skin regeneration properties and has been shown to promote cell proliferation and the production of collagen and glycosaminoglycans. Tamanu Oil is rife with potent antioxidants, imperative for protecting skin from free radicals caused by exposure to environmental factors such as the sun and pollution.
  • Black Seed Oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which work to reduce clogged pores as well as tame redness and soothe irritation.


Apply 4-6 drops to areas that need extra care and healing. Allow the Healing Spot Treatment to absorb into the skin before applying the rest of your skincare products.


Jojoba Oil*, Tamanu Oil*,  Black Seed CO2*, Turmeric CO2*, Non- GMO Vitamin E, Neem Oil*, Rosemary Extract*, Essential Oil Blend*


0.5 oz / 14ml bottle

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