Fade Into You Perfume Oil
Fade Into You Perfume Oil

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Fade Into You Perfume Oil

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Dark and mysterious but always carrying a melancholy sweetness, Fade Into You Perfume Oil is our love letter to the dreamy concoction we know as Mazzy Star.  The beautifully sleepy vocals of singer, Hope Sandoval drips slowly and thick, just like this aroma.

This alluring blend combines the rustic elements of Vetiver with just the right amount of Patchouli to bring out the mellow-sweet woodiness of Sandalwood, Fossilized Amber, and an exotic note of Cardamom.  Whether you’re looking for a grounding aroma or simply love rich, warm notes of wood, this may be the aroma for you.  

Use liberally and as needed.

“I want to hold the hand inside you

I want to take the breath that's true

I look to you, and I see nothing

I look to you to see the truth

You live your life, you go in shadows

You'll come apart, and you'll go black

Some kind of night into your darkness

Colors your eyes with what's not there

Fade into you

Strange you never knew

Fade into you

I think it's strange you never knew”

Mazzy Star (1993)


Sunflower Oil *, Non-GMO Vitamin E  and a Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils*


10 ml roller

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