Solar Oil

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Solar Oil

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A protective body oil that shields your skin from the sun's harmful rays while also moisturizing the skin.  Formulated with organic oils that display high natural sun protection, Solar Oil is a wonderful option for those who are not only sun conscious, but also want healthy glowing skin.

Solar Oil is not a sunscreen and should not be used in replacement of a daily sunscreen.  However, our Solar Oil is a wonderful accompaniment to an FDA approved sunscreen, helps your skin maintain that sun kissed tan or to nourish your skin after a long day soaking up the Vitamin D rich rays.

Julia's Insight + Advice:

Solar Oil is something I've wanted to create for a long time.  A body oil rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, omegas and has a high natural sun protection factor.  Not an alternative to sunscreen, but a compliment to it.  

I use Solar Oil almost daily on any skin on my body that will be exposed to the sun to help protect it and give it the dewy, healthy glow.  

Note - Solar Oil is rich in Sea Buckthorn Oil and Carrot Seed Oil, both orange in appearance.  I recommend applying right out of the shower while your skin is still damp or shower the areas with one of our hydrosols, that will allow the oil to absorb better and not sit at the surface of the skin.  Because of the orange rich color of Solar Oil, I wouldn't use with light colored clothing, as it could transfer and damage the fabric.

The Ritual:

  • Apply generously to damp skin prior to exposure to sun.


Jojoba Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Hemp Seed Oil*, Sea Buckthorn Oil*, Red Raspberry Seed Oil*, Carrot Seed Oil*, Coconut Pulp CO2

*Indicates Organic

Infused with Reiki Healing Energy 

100% Plant Magic

4oz clear glass bottle with dropper

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.