Rose Quartz Face Mask
Rose Quartz Face Mask
Rose Quartz Face Mask
Rose Quartz Face Mask

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Rose Quartz Face Mask

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Rose quartz helps tap into the universe of love—whether it be in the form of self-love, familial love, friendship, or romantic love. This beautiful stone opens up your heart to all kinds of love and allows you to let go of negative emotions that inhibit your ability to love.

As a self care practice, use this beautifully healing Rose Quartz Face Mask to enhance your meditation practice or add that extra luxe to your daily beauty routine. Delicately crafted from more than 350 premium rose quartz stones, as soon as the stones come in contact with your skin they'll provide soothing effects from the gentle weight of the cool rose quartz crystals.  

A perfect additional to those dealing with acne, redness or overly reactive skin.

To cleanse and charge your Rose Quartz Face Mask - rinse with water and leave out under the next full moon, on or near a piece of clear quartz or selenite.

The Ritual:

  • On clean skin gently place the Rose Quartz Mask on your face
  • Settle into a comfortable position and allow the healing properties of these this to wash over your aura
  • Leave on face for at least 15 minutes
  • To amplify the cooling therapeutic effects, place mask into the refrigerator an hour prior to this ritual